Tromsø, Norway

Kvitebjørn Varme (KVAS) has provided reliable and low carbon heating to both private and public customers in Tromsø, including both the university and hospital since 1986. At the end of 2016, Kvitebjørn completed an extensive investment programme that included development plans for the district heating network and a new 2×10 MW energy recovery plant. In 2020, Kvitebjørn delivered 143 GWh, with new customers continuously being added to the network.

Capacity 22MW
Gross energy production 170 GWh
Fuel ca 60,000 tons of waste per year



Sarpsborg, Norway

Sarpsborg Avfallsenergi AS (SAE) is a state of the art facility for energy recovery of waste-derived fuel located in the industrial area of Saprsborg (Southern Norway). The company converts primarily household waste, through advanced technology which allows for minimal emissions, into industrial steam for leading biochemical player Borregaard. CO2 emissions have been reduced by c.40,000 tpa, equivalent to the environmental benefit of 4 million trees.

Capacity 32MW
Gross energy production 255 GWh
Fuel ca 80,000 tons of waste per year



Fredrikstad, Norway

Kvitebjørn Bio-El (KVB) is a modern fuel-flexible energy recovery plant with heat recovery, which in turn generates a diversified stream of revenues from selling heat, steam, and electricity to customers in Fredrikstad. KVB has been in operations since 2008, and has an installed boiler capacity of 22MW (capacity to incinerate up to 60,000 tons of waste annually) and supplies heat to Fredrikstad municipality, steam to local industries and, after fulfilling delivery of heat and steam, electricity is supplied on the local grid generated through the facility’s own steam turbine and generator.

Capacity 22MW
Gross energy production 170 GWh
Fuel ca 60,000 tons of waste per year