SAREN Energy AS Compliance with the Transparency Act

Information about the Transparency Act can be read here. The Transparency Act came into effect in July 2022 as a means to promote enterprises’ respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with production of goods and provision of services. The Act applies to larger enterprises that are resident in Norway and that offer goods and services in or outside Norway. The Act also applies to larger foreign enterprises that offer goods and services in Norway, and that are liable to tax to Norway pursuant to internal Norwegian legislation. Saren Energy and their subsidiaries are serious about this...

PATRIZIA Infrastructure completes SAREN Energy merger

• With the successful merger of SAREN Energy and Kvitebjørn Varme, PATRIZIA Infrastructure has created one of the largest district heating operators in Norway • With the merger, SAREN Energy has three strategically located modern energy from waste (EfW) facilities and a district heating network in Norway • The new platform will support decarbonisation efforts in Norway by exploring carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the coming years • The merger supports PATRIZIA’s ESG strategy to achieve net zero carbon status across its corporate operations and real assets portfolio by 2040 or earlier

Whitehelm and Daimyo announce merger of SAE and KVB and creation of SAREN Energy

LONDON/OSLO – 17 July 2020. Whitehelm Capital Ltd (“Whitehelm”) and Daimyo AS (“Daimyo”) are pleased to announce the merger of Sarpsborg Avfallsenergi AS and Kvitebjørn Bio-El AS in SAREN Energy AS (“SAREN Energy”), to establish a platform focused on the operation of renewable and sustainable energy solutions for commercial and industrial companies in the Nordics.